Getting Started

What are your first garden projects for Spring?

The weather is starting to warm up.  You sense new life is returning all around you.  Trees are starting to look different.  The grass is turning green, at least in some spots.  Spring is arriving!  And if you are feeling the urge to garden, where do you start?

I recommend the first project is to determine where the garden will be located. Here is some advice:  start with a small area if this your first attempt at gardening. You can increase it next year.    The first thing I like to start with each Spring is dirt.  If you plant in containers, I recommend going to a place that sells bags of soil and get good quality organic soil. This will save you a lot of frustration.  If you are planning to plant directly in the soil, check it to see if it is loose and free of weeds, rocks, etc.  You may need to fortify your soil by purchasing some good soil and then tilling it into the area where you are going to plant.



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