Strawberries are pretty easy to grow and the fruit is such a delight. The varieties that fruit in the spring will produce berries early in the season. Other varieties are called ever-bearing and will produce fruit all summer. Right now the plant nurseries are carrying strawberry plants.  Strawberries are not planted from seeds, so you need to get crowns from the actual plants.  Purchase quite a few if you want to have lots of strawberries for canning as well as eating during summer. Plant them in a sunny area a few inches apart.  They need room to spread.  They thrive in an area that has mulch, with good topsoil mixed with compost underneath.  The mulch helps hold in moisture as well as cooling the ground underneath for the roots.  Be sure they get plenty of water.  It usually takes a couple of years after you plant the strawberries before they produce fruit, so be patient.

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