Getting Started

Container Gardening for beginners

I love planting in containers!  They are so much easier to care for.  They place your gardening up higher so you are not crawling around on the ground.  There are virtually no weeds.

Here is how to get started.

First, purchase a whiskey barrel from the local store that sells gardening supplies.  Make sure there is a hole, approximately an inch wide in the center bottom of the barrel for drainage.  (Sometimes the store you purchase it from will make the hole for you.)

Next, gather small rocks & pebbles and line the bottom of the barrel.  Cover the bottom completely.  This provides further drainage.  Now purchase good, organic soil in bags.  Do not go get soil from a farm, unless you don’t mind if you have weed seeds in your soil.  The organic soil that comes in big bags is perfect for planting.  Fill the container to about one or two inches from the top.  Gently pack the soil down and then you may need to add a little more.  Now you are ready to plant.  Almost any plant can be planted in containers.


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