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My name is Peggy Woodward and welcome to Let’s Love Gardening. This project was born from my long love affair with gardening. I am very excited for people to learn to enjoy gardening like I do and grow good organic foods! I also want to share the joy and benefits of working with soil. It has been scientifically proven that having our hands in contact with soil relieves stress and depression. What could be better than a little soil therapy that turns into a great organic salad or veggie dish! Gardening can help us in so many different ways.  If every home had a plot where people could grow household vegetables, society would be so much healthier, both mentally and physically.   Let’s Love Gardening emphasizes organic gardening because it’s time to stop using chemicals on our food. I only use organic soil, organic plant food, and natural ways of stopping pests. When I had bunnies helping themselves to my garden, I put up what I refer to as “bunny fencing” around my whiskey barrels, to keep them out. I plant marigolds amongst my other plants to deter other kinds of pests. It is important to find natural and organic ways to grow food.  Poisons are bad for people, the environment and the pollinators that we need.

I hope my readers  will include their children and grandchildren in their gardening experience and share with them what they learn here. Many of my neighborhood’s children come over to see what I am growing. They especially love to find strawberries which they pick and take home with them. My friends check the tomatoes regularly and are happy to receive samples from me. Gardening can cultivate relationships as well as food as you watch the miracles of nature growing in your yard.

You can start by growing annuals, which means you plant them each year.  Most food plants are annuals. Some are easy to start from seed. Other plants, such as tomatoes, peppers, etc. are easier to start if purchased as bedding plants from the local nursery. Your local nursery also has the good organic plant food and lots of good people that will give you advice about what you are doing.  If this your first garden, I recommend finding out what grows best in your area and when is the best time to plant.  There are so many new and innovative products at your local nursery as well. I will be mentioning these in future posts.  I want to share with other people what they can accomplish. When I downsized to move into a condo, I thought at first my gardening days were over.  Then I discovered the wonderful world of container gardening. At first I started with 2 whiskey barrels and I planted tomato plants in them.  The following year I added a few more barrels and put petunias in them.  I was hooked from then on.   I now have 11 whiskey barrels and a few other small containers and I grow beautiful flowers and a good variety of vegetables. Containers are so easy to work with. I recommend them to my friends, even if they have free standing homes with a yard. They place the plants up higher, so you don’t have to crawl around on your knees to work on them.  Plus, if you buy good organic soils for them, your plants will be healthy and you will have virtually no weeds.

When I water and tend to my garden, I find it gives me peace and I can stop thinking about problems and focus on nature. My intention here is to share that experience with other people. A garden can be an exploration in creativity and it can provide great food as well. Every year I try a few different plants to see if I like them.  I hope this site provides hope and help to new gardeners and some good ideas for seasoned gardener as well!


– Peggy Woodward

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